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you could use a car charger if you happen to have one, otherwise there are no other ways to change it :'(

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Q: How do you charge a Nintendo DS whithout the regular charger and without a Game Boy Advance SP charger?
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Does the Nintendo DS Lite charger or accessorie packs work with the Nintendo DS?

The charger is too small for the regular DS, unless you have a universal charger, but I don't know about the accessory packs.What I use for my original Nintendo ds, is us a USB cable, for a Nintendo ds lite charger....well.....i don't know....

How do you charge a Nintendo DS without a charger?

BUY A NEW ! OR USE A GAMEBOY SP CHARGER Or buy any gamboy charger, I think ????? Actually if it's a regular DS a Gameboy Advance SP Charger should work, if it's a lite, then use a Mini USB connected to a computer! hey i have a gameboy SP charger and it dose not FIT how can i charge it

Will an English Nintendo ds charger work on an American Nintendo ds us 110v UK 240v does the charger regulate for the same output on both volts?

It will work on an American DS. My DS is American, and I just bought a regular DS charger off Amazon :)

Can a Nintendo dsi play regular ds games?

Yes, but it cannot use gameboy advance games.

Does the Nintendo Game Boy Color need a charger?

yea you can the battery just takes longer to charge. i wouldn't recommend doing it on a regular basis though because it can mess up your battery

Can a nintendo DS play gameboy advance games?

Yes, the regular DS and the DS lite can play GBA games.

Can you play Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo dsi XL?

No, the XL does not have a slot-2, which is the GBA slot on a regular DS or a lite.

Does the Game Boy pocket charger charge the Game Boy color?

The regular Nintendo charger cannot be used for this, as the systems have different power jack sizes. If you need a charger for both, try the GameBoy Advance GBA SP 3-in-1 Car Charger. It can be used on both systems as it includes removable tips.

What are the different trims on a 1968 dodge charger?

regular plain charger, charger SE, charger 500, and charger R/T.

Can Game Boy games go on Nintendo ds?

No, only Gameboy Advance games. Regular original Gameboy games will not work, neither will Gameboy Color games.

Are regular Nintendo games compatible with super Nintendo?

Nope. Regular Nintendo Entertainment System games (referring to 8-bit Nintendo/NES) are not compatible with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (16-bit Super Nintendo/SNES).

Can you play regular Game Boy games on ninetendo DS?

According to the instruction manual, Game Boy games do not work on the Nintendo DS. Game Boy Advance games can be played on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite (but not any newer model) using the Slot 2 on the back of the console.