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You can't. As a minecraft skin is connected to an account, you must use that account to have the skin. However, if your Minecraft cracked host allows it, you may sign in with any username; using the name of another player will allow you to appear as they do.

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Q: How do you change your skin in minecraft cracked without anyone seeing you as Steve?
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How do you change a vilinger on Minecraft?

It is currently impossible to change a villager's profession in minecraft without an external mod, or program.

How do you change your Minecraft settings without opening Minecraft?

At this time, it currently isn't possible.

What is an anjocaido Minecraft launcher?

I have an Anjocaido minecraft launcher myself, It's a cracked launcher enabling you to change your name everytime you log in and force updates. Getting the original minecraft for $20 or if they put it up $26 will show you the updates that notch has put in (and server i think).

Does anyone have a minecraft alpha account they will share with you i swear to god you will not change the password?

Yes: User: MCFreeAccount Pass: Password

How do you change username for Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you can not change your name on Minecraft!

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How do you change your clothes in Minecraft?

You can change your minecraft clothes if you change your skin or download a mod.

How do you change your Minecraft email?

Sadly, you cant change your minecraft e-mail

Does anyone have a premium minecraft account that you can have?

Not that I know of. If someone gave an account away, someone else would change the password on it. You need to buy it.

How do you change your Minecraft character?

Download a minecraft skin which you can find on skindex or miners need cool then go on and goto profile hit browse and get the image you want. make sure it is the right size for a minecraft skin. then hit upload. an Voila!

Can you get jets on Minecraft?

Not without mods (modifications). Mods are extra files that you put into your minecraft.jar folder, which can change the game completely.

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