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You can't.

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Q: How do you change your screen name on webkinz?
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How do you change your Zums name on Webkinz?

You can't change your zums name on webkinz.

How do you change the name of a Webkinz pet?

You can't change the name.

Can you change your name on Webkinz?

If you have a mazin' hamster then you can change the hamster's name (because they already come with names when you buy them and enter their secret codes)... you can change the hamster's name by going to the mazin' hamsters part of webkinz world But stuff like your username or your other Webkinz animals you can't change. The only way to get a different username on webkinz is to make another account. Once you name a webkinz (if this is what you're asking) you can't change it. The webkinz is stuck with that name

Is there a cheat to change your webkinz name I really need it?


How do you change the name of your Webkinz in Webkinz?

You can not change names. This is why when you log in a webkinz you have to choose a name carefully.Yes, i agree, once you come to the name part, the office lady tells you that you have to choose carefully because once you choose a name, you cannot change it back. Sorry if these answers made you sad but you could always buy a new webkinz and make it a name you'll love!!! Peace and good luck,

How do you change your Webkinz name after you've already named it?

you don't

What should you do when you get a blank screen at Webkinz long in screen?

you should exit the log in screen and than click log in again at the webkinz home page

How do you print Webkinz newpaper on Webkinz?

You can't. You can take a screen shot of it and print the image out. To take a screen shot... search google :)

How can you change a webkinz name even though you can't?

you can not you cant u can answer this urself

How do you change your screen name on

You can't. If you want to change your screen name badly, you'll have to make a new account.

How do you change your screen name on AQWorlds?

You cannot. Unless it is an inappropriate screen name, then the AE team will request that you change it and give you the opportunity to.

How do you change your god type on pocket god?

The screen that shows your name and your pygmies' names has a little part to change your name, while in that screen you can change your god type