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If you go to your system settings, then network settings, then wired, then configure network, then go right and press reset to factory defaults. then connect it up again. done. get back to me if your stuck?

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Q: How do you change your nat type on black ops?
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How can you change your NAT TYPE on Call of Duty Black Ops?

You have to change your NAT type through your router. Call your internet provider for instructions

Is Call of Duty Black ops 2 easier to join partys than Call of Duty Black ops 1?

No. This depends on your internet connection and NAT rating.

What code do you type in the computer in black ops to get bot on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Nothing you type in will get you a bot

What is better nba or black ops?

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What is a NAT type on COD Black Ops?

The NAT type is what i believe to be your internets secrurity type. Open lets people join you easily Moderate lets people join you, but like my internet has huge conflicts with outhers internet that is moderate and strict rarly lets people join at all search on google how to open your specific routers NAT to help :D ~Ouka94 Blackops Zombie master solo Wave 324! add me on psn!

How do you make multiplayer longer on black ops?

Unfortunately, you can't change any of the settings in Black Ops multiplayer.

What is bare bones in black ops?

Its a game type on black ops, just select it and it'll tell you what it's about.

How do you change your black ops character to a girl?

You cant

Can you change the split screen on black ops to vertical?

No you can not

How do you Change your Black Ops clan to 3arc?

You can't because it's the treyarch clan tag for Black ops devoloper's only.

Can you change multiplayer settings on black ops?

you have to update the game...

How do you change the black ops rating from M to T?

You Don't