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you can only do that on bus driver temza version

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Q: How do you change view on the bus driver game or PC?
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Can you change camera view in bus driver?

Press the 'C' button on your keyboard. This will change your view from being in the drivers position to being in the giant floating orb following the bus view.

What does a bus driver do at a baseball game?

The driver stays with the bus.

When was Bus Driver - video game - created?

Bus Driver - video game - was created in 2007-03.

When did Bus Driver - video game - happen?

Bus Driver - video game - happened in 2007.

What is a cool bus driving game?

bus driver

Where to download bus driver game?

go to and type in bus driver download

Where can you play bus driver game?

On the street.

Can you get the bus driver game on disk?


Is there a bus driver game for ps3?


What stores sell the game bus driver?

How can you play the bus driver game without downloading it?

You can't

Where can you buy bus driver PC game from UK Bradford.?

Game,, Amazon.........