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First, click "Edit Profile" on your home page ( the button is the 3rd one down.)Then, scroll down to the safe chat options, and click whichever option you want. There is also the possibility that your account may be in super safe lockdown mode. In this case super safe chat mode can only be switched off by your parents and the use of their parents account.

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Q: How do you change to ordinary safe chat on Roblox?
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How do you use your own chat on roblox if you already have an account with safe chat on?

Make a parent acount and change the settings on ur roblox

How do you change from safe chat on Roblox?

You can change your setting by clicking 'My Roblox' and selecting "Account". If there is no option there to switch to regular chat, than you may have to create a parent account to change the settings.

Can you chat on super safe chat Roblox?

You are able to chat on Roblox's "super safe chat," however there are multiple difficulties with Roblox's filtering AI system. It filters simple words, which may be annoying.

How do you change to ordinary safe in Roblox?

With all my experience with Roblox, I don't think you can change to safe mode. If you have already made your account 13+, you can't. It thinks your are 13+ and you can't change your age. So, you can't chane to safe mode on Roblox. Sorry. ~9tailedfox21 (a.k.a. PrimalBlade or cloner6348 on Roblox)

How do you change from supersafe to safe on roblox?

Go to your "My Roblox" page, and go up to the "Edit my Profile" button, beside your personal image. There you will be able to access your profile, your age, and the choice between safe chat, and supersafe chat.

How do you talk in Roblox?

First of all you have to be on ordinary safe chat (if you are on super safe chat you can only use a list) if you are on super safe chat i'm not exactly sure how to switch it back but if it helps...if your on ordinary safe chat simply press the "/" key and start typing. when your finished just press enter and! voila! there it is on the top left corner! example: /hi how are you? "enter" ironhuntsman: hi how are you? ( in top left hand corner)

Why there is no more chat in roblox?

There is, you just have to switch from supersafe mode to safe mode on "my roblox".

How can you tell that you are in super safe chat or ordinary safe chat?

Well... if you are talking about on the web I recomend Mccafee.

What if there s no parent log in roblox?

there will be no free chat for user who have safe chat. BRENDAN WROTE THIS

In clubpenguin how can write your own messages?

change your chat mode from Ultimate safe chat to Standard safe chat

How do you talk to other people on roblox like how do send messages?

To chat to or message users on roblox you must first be over 13 and have a safe chat account. To initiate a chat, visit the profile of the player you wish to chat to and click the chat button. To message another user also visit his/her profile, but hit the message button instead. Be aware that you can other message users that have safe chat, and that do not have messaging or chatting disabled.

In Roblox how do you talk without the auto voices?

I assume you mean how to talk without the menu chat. To change your account form super safe mode to safe mode, first you must be at least 13. You must have your parent or guardian create a parent account (unless you create a new account when over 13, in which case normal safe chat automatically turned on) and link it to your account. Then the parent account will be able to change your chat mode.