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When you are at the menu where you pick your character, click on the telephone and then click "reset clock." From there, you can change the time at any given point.

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Q: How do you change the in-game time in Animal Crossing Wild World?
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umm i suppose you could change your name legally...i dont know about on an "animal crossing world" though.

Can you change Animal Crossing wild world into Animal Crossing City Folk?

No, there is no possible way to change one game into another.

How do you Change yourself to an animal on animal crossing wild world?

It isn't possible to do that.

How do you change villagers in Animal Crossing Wild World with an AR?

talk to them

Can you change your birth date on Animal Crossing wild world of Nintendo?

umm apparently no, you Cannot change your birth date in Animal Crossing Wild World of Nintendo. well, hope i helped!!!

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How does tom nook on animal crossing wild world change stores?

the store will change upgrade but not move

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You can not have a baby on Animal Crossing: Wild World

How many Animal Crossing are there?

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There is no animal crossing for the PSP.

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