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I think it's different naturally depending on the pokemon.

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Q: How do you change hidden powers type?
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How does the move Hidden Power change its type in Pokemon Diamond?

No. That is a feature in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald only.

If you use an action replay code can you have an unown that knows 4 different types of hidden power moves in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver games?

No, since Hidden Power depends on a Pokemon's stats to determine the type/damage. Thus all four hidden powers would be the same.

What type is hidden power if your Pokemon is a steel type?

Hidden Power's type is determined by the Pokemon's independent values (IV's) and not their type.

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Can unknown learn any other moves in Pokemon pearl?

no, and just to let you know, its unown... not unknown... sources- it actually shows a way to find hidden powers strength, and type!

How can the powers of the branches expand and change over time?

How can the powers of the branches expand or change over time

What is Starly's hidden power type?

Hidden power depends on a complicated feature know as IVs, and has nothing to do with The kind of pokemon. Meaning not every starly has the same hidden power type. If you want to know what type hidden power your starly has, I recommend you go to the game corner(the area where you trade coins for prizes) and talk to a certain person and he will tell you what type your starlys hidden power is.

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