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In order to get a gold gun in Call of Duty Black Ops you need 14th prestige in order to buy the gold cameo.

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Q: How do you change a gun back to gold in black ops?
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How do you get your gun gold in black ops?


Will there be golden guns in black ops?

I think it won't be a Gold gun, but the Gold camouflage will be in the game.

How do you get gold guns in black ops without glitching?

all you need to do is when you create a class make your camo gold then you will have a gold gun

How do you get a gold gun in call of duty black ops?

you have to alot of xp points

Can you change camoflauge on Call of Duty Black Ops?

you can change your gun camo and your camo on your person.

What does a gold gun do in black ops?

nothing its just a camo you unlock when you reach 14th prestige

Why did Rosa refuse to move to the back of the bus?

Because she was black and had a gun

How do you get diamond camo for the pdw-57 i black ops 2 for ps3?

To get Diamond on any gun you have to get Gold on every other gun in the same group. So since PDW is a SMG (Sub Machine Gun) You have to get gold on every sub machine gun including PDW and then you unlock Diamond.

How can you get the golden gun on black ops?

In black ops, there are prestige levels. once you get to level 50, you can prestige. You do that 14 times and you can buy gold camo.

What is a black power gun does it have a Patton on it?

The term is a black POWDER gun- meaning it shoots back gunpowder, and not smokeless powder. Some were patented, some still are. Patent- not Patton.

What is on the back of the Call of Duty Black Ops poster?

on the back is a code to get an awesome code 4 an awesome gun for multiplayer

What happens at 14th prestige in black ops?

you unlock gold camo for your gun and your one prestige away from 15th prestige