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ctrl+shift+c changelotzoning residential. then your community lot is a residential lot.... your welcome

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Q: How do you change a community lot into a residential lot on Sims 2 University?
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How do you change residential lot to a community lot in the sims 2?

Once you have placed the lot you can't change it to a community lot but when you are placing a lot it asks you wether you want it to be a community lot or a residential lot hope that helps :)

Changing community lots to residential lots in the sims?

Delete it and than make a new one into a residential

How do you make a cafe in a residential lot on sims 2?

you can't, it has to be a community lot.

In sims 2 ofb can you open a bar?

In Sims 2 you can open 2 types of bars. Residential bars can be placed in residential lots or a community bar can be placed on a 2 by 3 plot of land in a community lot. Community bars will spawn a bartender.

Where do you get a piece of land to build a house in sims 3?

You have to choose a blank lot that is already there or u can bulldoze an existing residential or community lot and change its type and build and whatnot.

How do you make a pub on the Sims 3?

It is easy to make a pub on the Sims 3. But you need to buy "The Sims 3 Night Life" first. Bridgeport is a good place to start. find an empty lot, click on it's tag, then switch it from residential to community. - and then under community name it pub, or bar. Then you can build on it, and Sims all around your town will be talking about your new pub.

How do you change a Sims 2 apartment lot back to a residential lot?

Go into the lot you want to change by build mode, not by families. Once there, open the cheatbox and type: changelotzoning residential Type it just the way it is. Leave the lot to go back to the neighborhood and your once apartment lot will be changed into a residential lot.

How much is the sims 2 university?

It is $19.99 and plus tax it is $21.00 and some change.

Can you buy community property on sims 3?

yes, all you have to do is go to the edit town button, click the community property you want and change community to residental and then you can live there.

When you try and make a shop in sims 2 do you put in residential or comertial?

(If you have Sims2: Business) Either one. Residential you use to make a home business. If you don't have a home business, then community. I believe you may only make restaurants, though I may be wrong.

Do you have to have Sims University to get zombies in Sims 2?

Yes.You must have The Sims 2 University to get zombies.

How do you get a cell phone in sims?

You must have Sims 2 University Expansion pack installed to get a cellphone. You can find a cellphone sales booth in some of the community lots in the University towns. So, once one of your Sims is off to college, or visiting the college campus, be sure to visit one of the student campus stores. There you will find a blue booth which has cellphones that you can buy for your Sims.