How do you change a baby sims name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1.)Pull up the cheat box (Ctr+Shift+C) enter in the box, boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. 2.)Doesn't matter what sim you are, Press shift and click on the baby that you want to change the name of, of the many options there are, select *MAKE SELECTABLE (most likely, if your baby disappears off the family string on the left side, press shift again and click on the baby again and select *MAKE SELECTABLE again.) 3.) now you can select the baby on the left side family string, click on the babies icon on the string. 4.) shift and click on the sim baby like before, choose spawn, then tomb stone of L and D. 5.) being the baby sim still, click on the tomb stone and select rename sim. 6.) choose a snazzy name for your baby like frazzlehead-mcspazatron.

There is an easier way,

1- select the baby [or toddler, whatever]

2- go to map view

3- click on 'city hall' and click 'change name'

4- then the mum or dad [or an older sim] will take the baby to change its name

[NOTE- this method works with all sim ages - newborn to elder- even ghosts]

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Q: How do you change a baby sims name?
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Do you get to pick what your baby looks like in Sims deluxe 2?

I don't think you can because in the Sims Deluxe you can't----------------------- In sims 2 Deluxe, when you have a baby it looks somewhat like the mom and dad. When it grows up to the second stage which is toddler, you can have your sims hold the baby and click on a mirror and it will say "Change (baby sim's name) apparence" then you will get to change hair styles eyebrows and so on

The sims 3 how to change your name as a child?

In the Sims 3 to change any ones name you go to city hall and select the option change Sims name and then you choose which Sims name you want to change.

How can you change the last name of your Sims on Sims 3 after you married two Sims but the female Sims' last name did not change?

Go to City Hall and click on it and it will say 'Change Name'.

Can you change the last name of your sims on sims3 after they sims marry because I married two sims but the female sims' last name didn't change so how can I change it?

Click on the City Hall and there should be an option to change your sim's name.

How do you change baby name in sims 4?

You to click on city hall and click change name and it will come up with who's name you want to change and you click which one but for some reason the change a name option isn't always there you just have to be lucky.

How do you change your baby's diaper on the sims 3 ambitions for ipod?

You can't change it

How do you change a Sims name on Sims 3 for ps3?

you go to the town hall and click the change name option.

In sims 2 How do you change your baby sims diaper?

Hey:) it is very easy to change ur sims baby diaper... you either click on whoever you want to change the diaper: ie. an adult or maybe teenager. once u r selected on them u click on ur baby and then "change diaper". or u can buy a baby change table and use that. u get a baby change table from the same area that u get ur baby cot. xoxo ps. good luck

How do you change toddlers diaper on change table?

If you mean in Sims 2 then the baby or toddler has to have a really low hygiene and bladder, then you click on the change table and then it should say "Change (toddlers name's) diaper."

How do you make a baby sims wash up?

Change their diaper. Or on Sims 2 I think you could wash them in the sink or tub

What do gamers of The Sims name their sims?

maybe they name their sims after themselves. I do somtimes on weekends. I am a gamer of the sims games(but I'm still trying to get all the expansion packs) and I look in this baby name book online. There should be a link.

How do you name your new baby sims on sims 2?

When it is born a box will appear on screen with the babies gender and a space where you enter it's name.