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You Battle Her At Undella Town/City She Has The Same Pokemon As In The Last Game And Shes In The 2Nd House From The PokeCenter She Talks About The Abyssal Ruins =)

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Q: How do you challenge Cynthia in Pokemon Black and White?
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Can you battle the champions in Pokemon Black and White?

Yes, you can challenge Champion Adeku (his Japanese name) after you defeat N. In Black and White, you also get the opportunity to battle Cynthia, but a warning-- she's a lot harder to beat.

What are the champions in Pokemon Black and White?

Alder and Cynthia(from platinum)

Which trainers have vullaby on Pokemon white?

Cynthia has a Mandibuzz in White version. And for Black version she has a Braviary.

Who has spiritomb in Pokemon platinum?

there is spiritomb in pokemon black and white too.There is one person......................................................... Cynthia the champion.

How do you get Lucario in Pokemon black?

You can fight Cynthia in black or white after you beat the elite four and ask for him/her at GTS.

How do you battle Cynthia in Pokemon white?

Go to Undella Town and go up the steps to your left and go in the first house and talk to Cynthia. You have to have all 8 badges to challenge her. BE CAREFUL SHE IS STRONG!

What do you do after you beat alder and Cynthia in Pokemon Black and White?

look for the seven sgaes if u did that ur done

Can you battle Cynthia in Black and White?

Yes,But She will have one new pokemon. Other than that mostly the same.

Where is Cynthia on Pokemon Black?

well on white shes in undella so i have a feeling it will be the same place on black if not sorry i hope this helps

Where is the Kanto champion in Pokemon black and white version?

There is no kanto champion. But there is sinnoh champion Cynthia at undella bay

What to do after you beat the Pokemon league the second time round in Pokemon Black and white?

They keep getting stronger each time you challenge them. at least that's what They do in Pokemon black.

What type of Pokemon is Skyla?

Skyla is a flying Pokemon. She first featured in Pokemon Black & White and is the leader of the Mistralton City Gym. Her friends include Cynthia and Elesa.