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wait for a long time then try again

(it helps to save before you "talk" to uxie, this way if you defeat it all you have to do is turn off your DS system and try again)

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Q: How do you catch uxie if you already defeated it once already?
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How do you catch uxie on pearl?

After the events of spear pillar check out all of the lakes and battle uxie and azelf, Mesprit will run away Sargent Pickles response: I caught uxie but defeated azelf by accident and i tried like 20 pokeballs on uxie until i had to use my master ball it just would give in lol but u can catch it :)

How do you catch a uxie?

you catch him in lake valor

Where to catch raiku and uxie on pokemonindigo?

you catch raikou on the last gym leader in the kanto leaders and you catch uxie in vermillion city from

How do you get membership pass once you have got Uxie Mespirit and azelf?

Uxie Azlef and Mespirit don't catch in you have to get the membership card from mystery gift by Nintendo wifi but its not avalible anymore

Can you catch uxie after you have killed it?

yes uxie comes back to life after a while.

Where is uxie on Pokemon pearl?

Uxie is in Lake Acuity after you catch Palkia. Go to Lake Verity first, go into Mesprit's cave, and the Professor will talk to you and you will be able to catch Azelf and Uxie. ~Lucario

How come after you ran from uxie it came back?

well the theory is that it might of been 1. once u run from battle uxie might have healed itself waitn till its ether captured or defeated 2.its like most legendaries taunting u in a way by comin back after u run or get defeated

Were do you catch latios in soulsilver?

the way you catch azelf mesprit and uxie.

Where to catch uxie?

Lake acuity cave.

Do you have to have uxie and azelf in your party to catch mesprit?


What ball to catch uxie?

ultra ball

Where to find uxie after you failed to catch?

you can't find Uxie again if you have knocked out Uxie, unless u defeat the elite four again.