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go to snowpoint city and look in the nearest grass. there are sneasels all over the place

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Q: How do you catch sneasel in Pokemon platinum?
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Can you catch a sneasel in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes. Sneasel is found in Icefall cave.

How do you get sneasel to evolve into Weavile on Pokemon platinum?

Level your Sneasel up while it is holding a Razor Claw.

How do you get Weavile in Pokemon Platinum?

Evolve Sneasel And Sneasel Can Be Cought At Acuity Lake Front,Or Route 217.

What part of the day do you catch sneasel in Pokemon crystal?

you catch it at night

How do you get sneasel in Pokemon Platinum?

You will have to go to Routes 216 and 217 and in the Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity and in the 5 floors of Snowpoint Temple in order to locate a wild Sneasel at which point you will be able to battle it in an attempt to catch it.

How do you get Weavile on Pokemon platinum?

get a razor claw and a sneasel and level up

How do you catch sneasel in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sneasel is at icefall cave on 4 island but it's extremely rare.

Does sneasel evolve on Pokemon emerald?

sneasel can't evolve in emerald cause sneasel's evolution doesn't exist in emerald only pearl or platinum or diamond.

How do you catch a Mewtwo on Pokemon Platinum?

how do you catch a mewtwo on Pokemon platinum

How can i catch the 3 the regi's in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

Is it possible to catch Weavile in Pokemon platinum?

Yes, catch a Sneasel near Snowpoint City, then give it a Razor Claw and level it up from 1 Level in between 8Pm and 4Am. Hope this helped.

What Pokemon does Candice have?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the Gym Leader Candice has; Snover, Sneasel, Medicham and Abomasnow. In Pokemon Platinum her team is mostly different instead having; Sneasel, Piloswine, Abomasnow and Froslass. She can be rematched in Pokemon Platinum with an updated team which is; Weavile, Mamoswine, Abomasnow, Froslass and Glaceon.