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It takes luck to come across a shiny, but when you find one you catch it like you would catch a regular Pokemon.

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Q: How do you catch shiny Pokemon you tube?
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Can you catch shiny Pokemon in caves?

shiny Pokemon can appear anywhere!

What is easiest way to catch a shiny Pokemon?

The same way you would catch a normal Pokemon. The only difference is is that the Pokemon is shiny.

Can you pick sertant Pokemon to stay shiny?

If you catch a shiny Pokemon, it will always be shiny. You cannot make a normal-colored Pokemon into a shiny Pokemon.

How do get a shiny Pokemon if Pokemon were actually real?

Catch them?

How do you get permenet shiny pokemon in diamond?

Once you find a Shiny Pokemon just catch it and it remains Shiny forever.

How do you catch shiny Pokémon on Pokémon indigo?

you catch them like u catch normal Pokemon, shiny Pokemon just show up randomly, just like normal Pokemon

Can you catch shiny zeckrom in pokemon white?

No they programmed the game so you can't catch shiny victini, reshiram, and zekrom. All other pokemon can be found shiny.

How do you catch a shiny pokemon on pokemon black?

shiny pokemon come totally random but are mostly found in caves

How do you make a Pokemon shiney?

You can't make it shiny, you have to catch it as a shiny.

How can you catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon diamon faster?

With PokéRadar

How do you catch shiny legendary easily?

You can't catch shiny legendary Pokemon without cheats... sorry

What is the ar code for getting and keeping shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you don't need a ar code to catch and keep shiny Pokemon in Pokemon pearl all you need to do is find the shiny Pokemon you want and catch it and unless you release it you keep it.