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Meowth is right of celadon

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Q: How do you catch meowth on Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you catch meowth in Pokemon Yellow?

Meowth is not in the wild in Pokemon Yellow. You have to trade to get it

Does Pokemon Yellow have Meowth and were can you find it?

Pokemon Yellow does not have meowth and it can only be obtained by trade.

How do you get meowth in Pokemon tower defense?

you catch it

When can you catch meowth in Pokemon Red?

u dont its only available in yellow n blu u can trade though

How do you catch and where do you catch meowth in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't 'catch' a meowth in the wild in Pokemon emerald, you get it traded to you at the battle frontier, there is some guy that wants a skitty and if you give him a skitty, he'll give you a meowth. I can't remember what building the guy is in, but he is at the battle frontier, have a look around for him ;]

How do you catch meowth on Pokemon Red?

it's impossible. your can only catch one in Pokemon blue. get a cable cord and trade

Can you catch every Pokemon on yellow?

No, I dont think so. (You cant catch Mew in yellow, and Mew IS part of the kanto dex.)

How do you catch every Pokemon in red blue yellow?

you cant catch every single Pokemon in one game. you need to trade to get certain Pokemon. you wont find a meowth in red, so to get one, you trade someone with blue. and certain Pokemon evolve through trade like haunter or graveler.

Where do you get a Meowth a Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch a Meowth on: Route 5, Route 6, Route 7, Route 8, Route 38, Route 39

Can you catch evee in Pokemon Yellow?

no you can not catch evee in pokemon yellow but someone will give it to you

Which Pokemon is it possible to catch in the National Park in Pokemon Heartgold?

sunkern,oddish,meowth(hard to find there),hoothoot(mostley).

Where do you catch meowth in Pokemon HeartGold?

HeartGold? Nowhere. SoulSilver? Routes 7, 38 and 39.