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First fly to olivine city in kanto Then surf southwards near whirlwind islands, you will find tentacool, tenta cruel, and mantine Thank You... if any suggestions or successful action please mail me at

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Q: How do you catch mantine in Pokemon Crystal?
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Where do you catch mantine in Pokemon Ranger?

You can't. You have to trade it from quartz or crystal version.

Where can you find Mantine in Pokemon?

To get mantine in crystal and gold surf around the whirl Islands

Where to catch mantine in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get mantine in firered only emerald and colosseum can.

Does Mantine evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Nope, only in Diamond and pearl

How do you get a mantine in Pokemon Ranger?

catch a magikarp,goldeen,remoraid

Were do you catch mantine?

you catch a mantine on route 41 next to cianwood cityWhich version are you talking about? Cianwood City was in the Silver/Gold/Crystal versions. In Leaf Green, Mantines are found in Tanoby Ruins and surfing near the Trainer Tower.

Were could i catch mantine i keep surfing and using good rod at the tanoby ruins but no luck im i doing something wrong?

If you play at firered, OF COURSE there is no mantine, because Mantine is at Pokemon leaf green

What type of Pokemon is Mantine?

Mantine is a Water and Flying type pokemon.

Why is Mantine called Mantine?

Mantine sounds like Manta, and Mantine is a manta-ray shaped Pokemon.

How do you catch Articuno in Pokemon Crystal?

You cant catch Articuno in Pokemon Crystal, only in Blue, Red and Yellow. But i am not sure about that.

Can you catch sonic in Pokemon Crystal?


How do you get Pokémon 116 in Pokémon ranger in Pokémon ranger?

You have to catch a Mantine. The way you catch a Mantine in to catch 2 remoraids and 2 octilley.