How do you catch ariados?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Route 229 (Night) (DPPt)

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Q: How do you catch ariados?
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Where can you catch ariados in HeartGold?

you cant catch it only by evolving spinnerak at lvl.22

Where can you get a spinark in Pokemon pearl?

Catch 2 Ariados, Breed them, and hatch the egg.

What level does ariados evolve?

Good, somebody else loves Ariados! Well just catch a Spinarak and level it up to LVL 22, voila! Enjoy your cute little Ariados!

How do you get an arriodos in soul silver?

You can catch a spinarak north of cherygrove which evolves into ariados, but otherwise i don't know how to catch one directly

Can you help me decide which game to catch Ariados and Ledian in between Diamond Pearl and Platinum?


How do you get spinarak in Pokemon platinum?

You have to catch an Ariados in route 229 an breed it and a spinarak will comme out from the egg

Where can you find spinarak in Pokemon diamond?

Catch an Ariados on route 229 (at night only) and breed it

How do you get Spinarak in Pokemon Diamond?

go to route 229 at night and catch ariados, then breed it at the day care center by putting male/female ariados with your original ariados or breed ariados with a ditto which can be found in that BIG patch of grass west of canalave city, just use the pokeradar, and leave the Pokemon at the daycare for a few minutes and when you come back talk to the old guy, he will give you a spinarak egg, make sure you have a space in your party. enjoy your spinarak!Go to the resort area then catch spinrack's evoled form (i dont know what it is) catch one female and one male then breed.

When does ariados evolve?

Ariados doesn't evolve.

Where do you catch ariados?

You need to evolve Spinarak, which can be found in FireRed on Pattern Brush (offshore island to the north of Fortune Island).

Where can you find Ariados in Pokemon Platinum?

It is in Route 229 but you have to catch it at night (which means after 8:00pm). You have a 20% chance of encontering one.

When does ariados evolve in FireRed?

Ariados doesn't evolve again