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Yes you could for further information go to YouTube and serch 'how to catch absol in soul silver' it should be the first thing that comes up(hope it helped)
Absol is available (but rare) at Slowpoke well,Union cave,Mt.Motar,Dark cave,Whirl islands,Mt.Silver,Ice path,The Cliff cave,Digglet's cave,Mt.Moon,Cerulean cave,Rock tunnel,Seafoam islands,Victory road and Tohjo falls.
Earliest you can catch Absol is in the Slowpoke Well.
You can either transfer it from another game e.g Emerald, or set the radio to Hoen Music when it plays on Wednesday.

You then have a 20% of catching an Absol in a cave.

It's much harder to catch it without the music playing, as it is rare, but still possible.

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Q: How do you catch absol in Pokemon soulsilver?
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How do you catch areodactol in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Get your absol ho-oh and lugia to attak it it will work if you healed your pokemon

Where do you catch an absol Pokemon silver?

You can not catch an absol in silver or gold and crystal. Absol is from ruby and sapphire onwards.

How do you catch an absol an Pokemon Ruby?

by that place you catch kecleon

How do you catch bastiodon on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't catch bastiodon in Pokemon soulsilver.

Can you catch absol?

Yes. You can catch every single pokemon in the games.

How do you catch absol in Pokemon black?

you must trade with cheren with tropius and absol you give cheren tropius and he give you absol thats how to get absol

Where do you catch absol in Pokemon platinum?

in mt coronet

How do you catch an absol on Pokemon ruby?

on route 120.

Can you catch absol on pokemon firered or leafgreen?

No you cannot.

Where do you catch an absol in Pokemon gold?

Absol is not in gold, has never been in gold, and never will be in gold

Where to catch absol Pokemon platinum?

absol is located in the grass or inside the caves on the third floor of the mountain.

Can you catch arcticuno in Pokemon SoulSilver?

catch it? no.