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Unfortunately, you can't.


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Q: How do you catch a slowpoke in Pokemon Pearl?
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What is Pokemon 80?

Pokemon 80 is slowbro the evolved form of slowpoke (can catch only in pearl)

Where can you catch slowpoke on Pokemon Gold?

You can catch Slowpoke in Pokemon Gold in the Slowpoke Well that is by Azalea Town and you can also find them in Tohjo Falls.

Where can you find a slowbro that is wild in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch a slowpoke,slowbro or slowking on diamond version. You can on Pokemon pearl version though.

How do you get a slowpoke in Pokemon diamond?

You can't. Sorry! You can only get it in Pearl so if you want a Slowpoke trade from Pearl.

Where can you catch slowpoke in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch it in Slowpoke Well. That's the only location I can remember.

Where do you catch Pokemon no. 80 on Pokemon pearl?

in ur mouth :)/// MG dude: u have to catch a slowpoke then evolve it into a slowbro. you can catch slowpokes left of eterna city. but there very rare your welcome u greedy a-hole

Where can you find Pokemon 14 in Pokemon Ranger?

You can catch Pokemon 14 which is Slowpoke in Kisara Plains, where you catch two Abra and then Slowpoke will appear near the guy in the Kisara Plains.

Where can you get slowpoke in Pokemon Diamond?

Slowpoke cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This Pokemon can be found on route 205 in Pokemon Pearl using the pokemon radar and traded to Diamond.

Where can you find slowpoke on Pokemon Ranger?

To catch a slowpoke you have to catch 2 Abra then a slowpoke will appear. It's attack is a yawn cloud. PS: Do this at the Grassland capture challenge

How do you catch slowpoke on pokemon firered?

you can't. you have to trade

How do you catch Lugia in Pokemon black?

you can't you slowpoke

Where is slowpoke in Pokemon White?

You have to trade it from platinum, diamond or pearl