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Go to Petalburg city, then walk to the right you will be in Route 102. There in the bushes you can find Ralts. (The chance to find Ralts is 4 in 100).

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Q: How do you catch a ralts in pokemon emerald?
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Where can you catch a gardevoir in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch a Gardevoir in Pokemon Emerald. To obtain one you can catch a rare Ralts on Route 102 and evolve in into a Krilia, and then a Gardevoir.

Who is wally in Pokemon Emerald?

wally is a Pokemon trainer who gets yours and your fathers help to catch his first pokemon,ralts.

Where do you find Wally in Pokemon Emerald?

once you have helped him catch a ralts he will be at the end of victory road

What Pokemon is number 29 in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get ralts on Pokemon emerald?

where wally got his

Where do you catch ralts in emerald?

Ralts is a Pokemon that can sense the feelings of a trainer's Pokemon towards them. So if the first Pokemon in your party likes you, you have a better chance of finding Ralts. It's still pretty rare though. It can be found on route 102, near the beginning of where you start the game.

What are the chances of catching a ralts?

you can catch ralts on route 102 on emerald sapphire and ruby, but they are rare

Can you complete Pokémon emerald with 3 Pokémon?

yes its easy first pick mudkip or treecko then get a zigzagoon next catch a ralts . ok train zigzagoon to a linoone then ralts to a gaurdavoir and that's beating a emerald with 3 Pokemon

At what level does ralts evolve in Pokemon emerald?

ralts evolves into Kirlia at lv21. Then into Gardevoir at lv30.

Where do you catch Ralts in Pokemon Diamond?

you catch ralts at route 203 and 204 and use a poke radar

Why can't I catch a female ralts in emerald?

females are harder to get then males

How do you catch a ralts on Pokemon SoulSilver?

listen to pokemon talk. wait for an outbreak and go catch it.