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Actually, it is pretty easy. First, you have to be in the gnawnia region, preferably in the Harbour or in the Town of Gnawnia. Use a trap Trebuchet, Swiss army, NVMRC Forcefield, Mouse Deathbot or above. Use a physical trap. Then, arm yourself with some cheese, preferably Swiss cheese or brie. You would not want to use super brie+ as a pirate mouse is not worth it. Sound your hunters horn a few times and you should get one. If not, you can just leave it there and logout for it to check the trap every hour by itself. Log in the next day and browse through the previous day's hunting journal. you should have gotten a pirate mouse. If not, just leave it there for a few more days! :-)

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Q: How do you catch a pirate mouse in Mousehunt?
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Where is the best place to catch master burglur mouse in mousehunt?

the bazaar

What mouse do you catch at the laboratory to go to the Town of Digby in Mousehunt?

I know a very useful website, but beware it is a huge spoiler but it has all the information. Just type Mousehunt Wiki on Yahoo or something like that, ! -Dmangekyo

What is the hardest mouse to catch on mousehunt?

The eclipse mouse is the most difficult to catch, even to attract as you need to complete all seven tiers in the gauntlet before you can have the tier 8 potion. However, as it is the most difficult mouse to catch, it will also reward you 200k gold and points.

Where is the best place to get scrap metal in mousehunt?

Go to Catacombs to catch Scavenger or Terror Knight mouse and use A.C.R.O.N.Y.M with Aqua Base( Candy Cane base if u have )

What is the name of the movie with string factory and the mouse that terrorizes the mansion?

MouseHunt (1997).

What is the rarest mouse for a novice in mousehunt?

At the moment the most powerful mouse in Mousehunt is the Dojo Sensei; he is caught in the Pinnacle Chamber. However the Developers are always releasing new mice.

How do you earn gold in mousehunt quickly?

Furoma: Catch the Master of the DojoWhisker woods: hunt here

What to do with radioactive sludge in mouse hunt?

You can use radioactive sludge to make limelight cheese, antiskele charms, the mutated venus mouse trap, and the horrific venus mouse trap. you can also look this up on the mousehunt wiki page.

What is the most powerful cheese in mousehunt?

There are many powerful cheeses in Mousehunt. Inferno catches the dragon mouse. Rumble catches the Master of the Dojo. However Superbrie is probably the most useful cheese. It can be turned into many different cheeses and has a 99.9% attraction rate.

How do you read blueprints on mousehunt?

To read blueprints in MouseHunt, go to the "Crafting" section in the game menu. Click on the "Blueprints" tab to view all available blueprints. To craft an item from a blueprint, you will need the appropriate components and crafting materials as listed on the blueprint. Keep in mind that some blueprints may require specific crafting stations or have level restrictions.

What is mouse trapping?

It is when you catch a mouse.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Pirate Mouse - 2009?

The cast of The Pirate Mouse - 2009 includes: Adam Beauchesne Terry Ecklund as Regan Keely Essex as Keely