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First, you cannot find a Gliscor.

Second, Go to Route 208 and capture a Gligar.

Third, Go to Veilstone City and go South until you reach a grassy area on the bottom of the Route.

Fourth, obtain the Razor Fang there and give it as a hold item to Gligar.

Fifth, at 8pm-4am you have to level up Gligar once and it will evolve!

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Q: How do you catch a gliscor in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do you catch gliscor in Pokemon platinum?

well you can catch a gligar near the biking route

Can gliscor learn fly in Pokemon platinum?

it's no

How do you evolve gligar in Pokemon Gold?

You don't Gliscor in Pokemon Gold. Gliscor only appears in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold/Soulsilver or generation 4.

When does gliscor learn fire fang in Pokemon platinum?

Level 65

Where do you catch gliscor in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't, but you can catch gligar on route 45

How do you catch a Mewtwo on Pokemon Platinum?

how do you catch a mewtwo on Pokemon platinum

Is gligar a good Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

If you evolve it to gliscor, yes, especially for sandstorm and stall teams.

How can i catch the 3 the regi's in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

How do you catch gliscor on Pokemon pearl?

To catch a Gliscor you need to go to the mountain where you find Heatran at. You will find it in the wild there. Sorry the name of the area escapes me right now.

Do you need a poke radar to get gliscor in Pokemon diamond?

You can only get gliscor in Pokemon emerald or you can use your radar to find him.I think he's near Etnera city. FAIL you can't get him in Pokemon emerald, you get gligar in it but gliscor can only be gotten through pearl/diamond/platinum

Where can you catch charzard in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't actually catch him in Pokemon platinum but you can migrate him over to platinum if you have him in another game

How do you catch entie in Pokemon Platinum?

you can't catch him in platinum but in soulsilver or heartgold you can catch him then trade it to platinum.