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on orange trees with honey after a day go to that tree and you have 30% chance to catch it!!

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Q: How do you catch a Heracross in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you catch a Heracross on Pokemon platinum?

smear honey on a honey tree

How do you catch Heracross in Pokemon platinum?

you should be able to find it in the honey trees just slather honey on it and come back later

How do you catch a Heracross on Pokemon Pearl?

you can probably find it on trees. or you could trade it over form diamond, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver, or RSE.

Is there an Action Replay code for the Heracross in Pokemon platinum?

of course =)

Where do you catch Heracross in Pokemon soul silvere?

You can catch him by headbutting trees.

Can you find a heracross on Pokemon black?

Yes. You can catch wild heracross on Route 12 in the grass.

How do you catch a Mewtwo on Pokemon Platinum?

how do you catch a mewtwo on Pokemon platinum

How can i catch the 3 the regi's in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

Where do you catch a powerful Heracross in Pokemon soul silver?

You can catch heracrosses by headbutting trees. But in order to have a powerful heracross your going to have to do some training. sorry.

Who is Pokemon number 168 in Pokemon sapphire?

It's Heracross. You can catch it in the Safari Zone.

Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon emerald?

Heracross is in the Safari Zone. Use an Acro Bike to get across the poles (white lines) and go North. The areas there hold Heracross (they are rare and hard to catch so beware).

Where can you catch charzard in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't actually catch him in Pokemon platinum but you can migrate him over to platinum if you have him in another game