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Charmander doesn't appear in the wild in Pokémon Pearl unless you cheat or hack the game. To get a Charmander in Pokémon Pearl, beat the game and migrate one from Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, or get the National Pokédex and have a friend trade his/her Charmander.

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Q: How do you catch a Charmander in Pokemon Pearl version?
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How do you find a Charmander in pokemon pearl?

Get it from another game; you can't catch one.

Where can you catch Charmander in pokemon?

If playing pokemon pearl, diamond or platnium, transfer charmander from the old pokemon games to the DS games using pal park.

Where do you catch the Pokemon jirachi in pearl?

It's impossible to catch Jiratchi in Pokemon Pearl version.

How do you catch Charmander in black and white?

Charmander is a fire type of Pokemon. It is not possible to catch one in the wild in Pokemon Diamond version.

How do you catch a solrock Pokemon in Pokemon pearl version?

You can't

Can you catch Dialga in pearl version?

You can't catch Dialga in Pokemon Pearl. You'll need to trade for it.

How do you catch darkria in pokemon black version?

You can't catch one.You need to trade it from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum version

Can you get Charmander in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes.You can catch charmander in Pokemon platinum.

How do you catch a 100 leveled Pokemon en Pokemon pearl version?

you need action replay Then you can catch any Pokemon i like to use it in platinum and then trade the Pokemon to pearl

How do you catch another trainer's Pokemon in pearl version?

to catch another trainers Pokemon on pearl you have to have an action replay system or some kind of flash card

How can you catch a butt in Pokemon Pearl Version?

sit on your ds or 3ds

Where do you catch cranidos in Pokemon pearl?

You cant get it in pearl . its only in diamond version same as mr.mime