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Get the loyalty down to zero

I say attack it first with 10k warriors and then do spam waves with 3k warriors

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Q: How do you capture a level 2 city in evony?
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What are the coordinates for a level 14 historic city on evony age 2?


What are the coordinates for a level 16 district city on evony age 2?

The coordinates for a level 16 district city on Evony Age 2 can vary as they are not fixed. It depends on the specific layout and positioning of cities on the game map. You may need to explore the game world or refer to in-game resources to locate a level 16 district city.

How do you farm a Level 10 NPC on Evony Age 2?

Farming a Level 10NPC of Evony Age 2 can be determined through trial and error or through the use of what is commonly called a cheat code. Cheat codes are considered unethical.

How many troops do you need to conquer a lvl 14 historical hc on evony Age 2?

The number of troops required to conquer a level 14 historical holy city in Evony Age 2 will depend on various factors such as the type and level of troops you have, the strategies and tactics you employ, and the defenses of the holy city. It is recommended to have a strong army with a mix of different troop types and high-level generals, along with sufficient siege weapons and resources for reinforcement and healing.

How do you make level 1 walls in evony age 2 not getting the building option for these?

You cant

What level does your academy need to share all it's technology on evony age 2?


How do you beat a level 6 NPC on Evony Age 2?

800 ballistae,1200 transports

How do you allow 2 building upgrade at a time in evony?

This is not possible in one city. Only if you have 2 city's you can do 2 building upgrades (each city one upgrade at the time)

How do you start an alliance in evony?

You must have a level 2 embassy, and the higher your embassy, the more people can join.

In evony 2 When a city has been colonized if you want to capture it would you have to fight the troops that are just in the city or all the troops that the suz has in his city?

It depends on the settings the Suz has for the colonies. It defaults to 100% of each troop. Unless they change it, you would fight all the troops in the city AND the troops in the suz's city. To see the suppression settings, you would need to scout the suz.

How do you get to use the 2 chat lists in evony that are unavaliable the top 2?

you have to work for evony

What level does your walls need to be to change their appearance in evony age 2?

level 1, level5, level6 ,and level 10 they change a lot. in the other levels they might slightly change