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You have to level up certain buildings to get other different buildings.

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Q: How do you build buildings on tribal wars?
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How do barbarian villages grow on tribal wars?

Exactly how you grow. Upgrade resources, build buildings, etc.

How much does it cost to build an academy in tribal wars?

Wait and see

How do you lvl your buildings on tribal wars?

easy, just build a not too sure about the levels involved but im pretty sure you need to get your village HQ to level 5 and build a wall then the potion should come up to build a barracks. if im wrong click help on the top of the screen and go into help. click buildings and scroll down until you find barracks.

Tribal wars is game?

yes tribal wars is a game

Cheats for tribal wars?

There are no cheats in the game Tribal Wars.

How do you get high points on tribal wars?

Build high level buildings..train loads of troops (though they don't add to your points they do prevent you losing everything!) Eventually..train noblemen and capture more and more villages (though these are v.expensive!)

What is a good tribal wars bot?

Google Zaiinys Tribal Wars Bot, works great.

Is there a tribal wars 2?

no the makers of tribal wars have only done one of them so far

Are there any cheat codes for tribal wars browser game?

No there are currently no cheats for tribal wars servers.

Where can one go to a tribal wars?

Kenya has a lot of tribal wars. Most countries in Africa have a lot of tribal wars. It is devastating. A lot of children die everyday. It is one of the reason why they are so poor.

How do you get a church on tribal wars?

In church worlds, your first village starts with a church. When you conquer another village, you have the opportunity to build another church in that village. You can build it by going to your Village Headquarters.

What are cheats for Tribal Wars?

There are no cheats.