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First, you can't build a 'house' per say... the game calls it a shelter. You can build a shack, hut, cabin, and bungalow.

For a shack, the resources that you need are:

  • driftwood
  • vines
  • palm frond / banana leaf (correct me on this if you know)
  • sometimes softwood

For a hut, the resources that you need are:

  • bamboo
  • vines
  • banana leaf

For a cabin, the resources that you need are:

  • softwood
  • hardwood
  • rope
  • glass

For a bungalow, the resources that you need are:

  • hardwood
  • vine
  • clay
  • glass
  • metal ore

The best of the four is the bungalow, which is roomy and resistant to weather (will never need to be repaired).

The worst of the four is the shack, which is usually crowded and not at all resistant to weather (if a rain storm starts and your sim needs to sleep, you aren't going to be very lucky, because you will need to repair all the damages that the rain causes).

To build a shelter:

  1. Go to the PAUSE menu (start button)
  2. Choose PLANS
  3. Go to the SHELTER PLANS
  4. Choose the shelter you want
  5. (if you have enough resources and space) choose where you want to place your shelter
  6. Press 'X'
  7. Exit out of the menu
  8. Make your Sim walk over to the resource piles that are the new shelter and select BUILD from the option menu


8. Walk over to another sim and choose ASK TO BUILD from the interaction menu, then choose HUT or SHACK or CABIN or BUNGALOW, according to what you are building. The Sim will then go over to the shelter and start building.

9. Enjoy your new home!

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Q: How do you build a house on a ps2 in Sims Castaway?
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