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You can just use the brush like you would with any other tool. Make sure that you don't have the touch glove equipped when you use it though.

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Q: How do you brush an animal without using the touch glove harvest moon ds?
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Harvest moon ds cute how do you get yellow spirits?

Leader: CanaryAcquired Have 15 baby animal births on your farm. Any combination of chickens, ducks, sheep, and cows will be fine. Obviously the poultry are easier since the baby birds hatch in a few days.KaliAcquired Brush, talk, or pick up your animals for a total of 50 times without the use of the Touch Glove. Just use your normal abilities and don't have the Touch Gloved equipped in the Ornament slot inside your Rucksack.JohnnyAcquired Brush, talk, or pick up your animals for a total of 350 times without the use of the Touch Glove.BrushyAcquired Brush, talk, or pick up your animals for a total of 900 times without the use of the Touch Glove.MoutonAcquired Rub your animals just with the Touch Glove 50 times. Equip the glove into your Ornament slot inside your Rucksack, nothing usable on an animal in your Tool slot, then press A when standing next to an animal. You will be able to use the stylus to pet your animals.BoohooAcquired Rub your animals just with the Touch Glove 100 times.CanalAcquired Rub your animals just with the Touch Glove 300 times.MeowAcquired Rub your animals just using the Touch Glove 500 times.BetaAcquired Wash your animals 50 times using the Brush and the Touch Glove.AiyleeAcquired Wash your animals 100 times using the Brush and the Touch Glove.PompomAcquired Wash your animals 300 times using the Brush and the Touch Glove.ZooAcquired Wash your animals 500 times using the Brush and the Touch Glove.

How do your cows get hearts on harvest moon ds?

you need to brush the and wash them and milk them with the touch glove everyday.keep doing this and the hearts will go up. Good luck :)

How do you make your sheep able to compete in festival on harvest moon magic melody?

First of all you need a sheep^-^ then you need the festival but if you want to win you would want to get the touch glove and the brush from the blacksmith over the phone. after you get those items you go to your sheep every day and talk to it (no touch glove or brush) rub it (just touch glove) and brush it (touch glove with brush) activate those events every day and eventually when you check on your bottom screen in your cow/ sheep section you will get hearts. if you get 8 or more you will win the event as well. hope this helps ^_^

How do you get hearts on your animals on harvest moon ds?

By taking care of them. Use the touch glove and brush, pet, milk, shear the animals. go up to them and press 'A' or basicly anything that makes them have a heart or music note over them. If you have an animal born on your farm they will be born with 2 hearts.

Is glove for you a code on animal jam?

There is no glove code currently for Animal Jam.

What is animal jam glove code?

There is no such thing as a glove code on Animal Jam. Whoever wants a rare for a glove code is a SCAMMER, and that the glove code is FAKE.

What is a code for a glove on Animal Jam?

glove 642

Is there a way 2 get a glove on animal jam without trading?

Yes, go to Epic Wonders at Coral Canyons, you can buy a golden glove if you are a member and a silver glove if you are non member. Costs 2000 gems.

What is the code on animal jam that will get you a glove?

There is no code to get you a glove. You have to trade or buy a glove.

How you get a black legendary glove on animal jam?

It is impossible to get a black legendary glove without trading or through jam-a-grams. They may be on sale somewhere soon, but that is very unlikely.

Where is the touch glove on harvest moon ds cute?

At Gray's Shop

How do you know when your cow is and adult on harvest moon DS?

You know your cow is an adult when: (a) it starts to get big(if you do not have a red touch glove) (b) it had an udder(if you do have red touch glove) Thank you, A harvest moon pro :)