How do you breed on petz dogs pack?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you get two dogs of the opposite gender and put them in the same room then to know if its pregnant go to the vet and he will tell you it will take a while for it to get pregnant and have the babies though

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How do you unlock the vet?

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Q: How do you breed on petz dogs pack?
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Can you breed dogs in petz dogz pack in the park?


How do you make dogs have babies on petz dogs pack?

you have to make the hearts fulled and they have to have a :D

A code to get a new dog breed on Petz Dogz Pack?

Physic unlocks the Black German Shep breed on dogs pack Ctzluv unlocks the Egyption Mau breed on cats clan Meadow unlocks the Mustang breed on horseshoe ranch

How do you make your dogs like each other on petz dogz pack?

If you want your dogs to like each other petz dogz pack make sure they are just one on one, there are toys out, and you don't pet them for a while until you see the smiley face inbertween the dogs that looks like this.... :D You can breed your dogs as well if it looks like that.

How do you get more then three dogz on petz dogz pack?

You have to breed with your dogs. Once they have a baby you will go up a rank and will be able to get more than 3 dogs! Hope i was a help!

Is there a animal breeding game for the Nintendo ds?

Yes there is.. Petz hamsterz, petz dogz pack. Petz catz pack, and so much more... Just google it. But the petz packs you can breed the animals Hope this has helped

What does the super hero husky on petz dogs pack do?


Is there a DS game where you dogs can breed?

petz my dog family

What are some petz dogs pack codes?

havfun petpet funpal

How do you breed in Petz dogs pack?

First, you have to have two dogs, a girl and a boy and keep rubbing them to fill in all the hearts. And if you do that, get those dogs and leave them in a room together and soon, if you see many hearts then they had made a puppy

How do you unlock places on petz dog pack?

All you have to do is brred you're dogs the more dogs the more stars

How do you breed in petz dogz pack?

Grow up the two dogs you want to have the puppies of. Leave them in a room for a long time. At one point, they'll love each other and you'll have puppies.