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to be an admin u must trust the person and help the person u trust why would u take peoples gralats at pyrat qust thats not right to be an admin

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Q: How do you become an admin on Graal Era?
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How do you be an admin in Graal era not Graal era classic?

You apply

How you become a admin on graal era?

bonjour comment en peu etre admin je me sens pret pour etre admin

How do you get unlimited money on graal online era?

It is possible to get unlimited money off p It is possible to get other people grallats on graal online era. You can only do it if your a admin or if your a friend of a admin like me. If you need more information email on

How do you be admin on graal classic?

you have to be choosed as an admin which is very unlikely.

How do you become an admin in graal?

Each server will have its own application process. It is best to check that specific servers fan forums: i.e Graalians, Era-Go, Zone Forums (in-game).

How do you be a admin on graal era?

They have to pick you to become one. Dont get your hopes up too high because there are a very select few who actually get enough attention so that the admins notice them as a possible administrator.

How do you become an admin on graal?

To become an admin you need to do good deeds and they soon will pick you. If you do not want to wait then you may apply at to see a possible yes response given to you via email.

How do you be an admin on graal for ipod touch?

you send them an email it should say at the sign in graal clasic spar arena

How do you become an admin on graal clasic?

You cant become an admin by asking but their are meny other ways. 1. Dont spam or email them 2.dont hack or glitch 3. Become friends with one 4. report hackers or glitchers alot 5. Use the Feedback 6. Try contact them about ideas for graal like pm's or feedback now hopes this helps :)

How do you get 1000000 gralats on Graal Era?

To get 1,000,000 Gralats on Graal Era you need to successfully complete actions and achievements.

How do you transforn into ghost on graal era?

a code

How do you get a car in graal era?

Go to the car dealership and find out