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Well, you have to be a moderater and that's for sure. moderaters can do pretty much anything. i assume you are trying to? ask zwinky..

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Q: How do you become a zwinky zsi agent?
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Become a zsi agent on zwinky?

As of yet, you can't become a ZSI agent, but I think the creators are working on it, so you might be able to soon! LauraJ32

You can tell me how to become a zsi in zwinky please?

yes we will tell u go to zsi and click on agent after the test

How do you become a zsi agent on zwinky well i know.?

ZSI AGENT naturally-tan-mimi= You can become a ZSI by going to the beach I think, then go underground and press on submarine. I think I dont remember.

How do you become a zwinky ZSI?

Creators r working on it~:( im hacked

How to become part of the zwinky zsi team?

you have to be 21 and older alot of people say that the zwinky team has not told or made the zsi team but im sure google will anser

What are the answer to the zwinky zsi?


Where do you go to get to the zsi room on zwinky?

On the zwinky map you go to the inner tube out on the water.

In zwinky how do you become a zsi agent and get a zcard?

There are several ways. (^The person who wrote that is a hacker, don't listen to her.) Yes, do not listen because I tried one of those ways and got nothing in fact but I did get banned.

How do you get in the zsi in zwinky?

You can't get into the ZSI yet. No one can, you have to wait until Mistere, Misscasey, Missinformation or whatever update zwinky and Get the notice up in the safety room, if you can read, it says, come back here later for more information about the ZSI and more safety tips!

How do you become a agent on zwinky?

I am not sure but i think if you have a zcard it helps and you have to no warnings about swearing. hope it helped add me my username on zwinky is slinkype

When will zwinky people be able to be a spy in zwinkycom?

well if you go to zsi it said come back later so im guessing later

What are the correct answers for the zwinky zsi quiz?

follow them in this order: say nothing. alert your parents and/or site administrators. tell them you cant go. true. never. hope i helped!