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Kill your Sim, then a few days later an oppurtunity will show up for you to bring the grave or urn of your dead Sim to the science facility, where you'll be able to play as a ghost. You must have at least one alive Sim in your household or you won't be able to bring the grave to the science facility.

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Q: How do you become a ghost on Sims 3?
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What happens when you die of old age in sims 3?

you become a grey ghost

Can you become a ghost in The Sims 1 for PC?

no you cant become a ghost in the sims 1. If you die there only comes a thombstone that's all.

In The Sims life stories can sims and ghost have woohoo?

No, that comes in the Sims 3, but there is a ghost hack found in sim2wiki

Can you become anything supernatural in the sims 3 xbox 360?

Yes, if you die, you become a ghost. It is the same for the PS3. Also depending on the way you die- you will be a certain colour ghost.

What traits do you need to become a ghost hunter in sims 3 ambitions?

There Shouldn't Be Any Trait Restriction For Any Profession Or Job In The Sims 3. Traits Just Change The Way Sims Act.

How do you get a red ghost on the Sims 3?

your sims has to be a vampire and die of thirst. or you can get an orange ghost by dying in a fire.

How do you become a ghost on sims 3 for ds?

To become a ghost on sims 3 ds: 1. Kill your sim anyway you want to but make sure there is another sim that still lives in that house 2. when your sim dies make the other sim pick up your grave and go to the science lab. 3. when you arrive at the science lab, do the " oh, my ghost! " experiment. 4. Give them the grave and they will resurrect your sim that will now be a playable ghost!

Can sims have kids with ghosts Sims 3?

Yes. If you have a grave in your house and don't mourn it, a ghost will come out. Become his girlfriend ( you have to be a girl) and click "try for a baby". When you give birth (after becoming pregnant) you should have a ghost baby- eek!

Can you be a ghost on The Sims 3 DS?

Unfortunately no.

How do you get ghost babies on sims 3?

You cant have ghost babies anymore. They patched it.

How do you become a werewolf on sim's 3?

there is nowerewolf in sims 3 for PC they where in sims 2 -pets though for Sims 3 in the Base game you can be a ghost, with world adventures - mummy and Late night- Vampires

Can you have a ghost baby on sims 3 wii?