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All you have to do is keep completing all the quests you have. All of them and pretty soon some Npc's will start to talk about to becoming a falcon. Once you are a falcon you need alot alot alot alot alot of rebirths. To train 1 skill's rank you have to level up 10 times for just rank F and 11 levels just for rank D, So its gonna take a while.

Here's How To Spread Your Wings :D :

Once You Reach Level 5 Relog,

You will receive a Quest called Yoff's Memory.

Head towards the Connous Team Battle Arena and Talk to him inside.

After you talk to Yoff you will get the keyword Ancient Irinid.

Then talk to Castanea use the keyword Ancient Irinid,Once you have done that you will receive a Quest called Ancient Medal,

You have to head back to Connous Team Battle Arena and Talk to Yoff.

You then will receive a Ancient Medal after you obtain the Medal complete the Quest.

You then will receive a Quest called Castanea's Trust.

Talk to Castanea and you will then have to go find the Lost Elf and bring Him/Her back to Castanea (I don't remember if it is Via Exploration or Just finding Him/Her.)

It should be located somewhere in the Longa Desert. Afterwards complete the Quest.

After completing Castanea's Trust, You will receive the Quest called Hagel's Assignment,

Talk to Hagel (The Banker, He is located near Meles the Weapon Shopkeeper.

Afterwards he will ask you to go to Longa Ruins and Sketch the Guardian of Ruins, *REMEMBER TO BRING SKETCH PAPER* <-- That is a mistake I have made.....

The best way to do this with out getting killed is use Hide and run up to him, Disable Hide and Sketch fast. Afterwards waste him and then go deliver the sketch to Hagel.

Then he will ask you to go to Karu Forest Ruins and Sketch the Stone Horse Keeper.


Complete the Quest and then you will receive the Book Of Irinids.

Once you get the Book Of Irinids head to Qilla Base Camp and talk to Alexina,

She will give you three choices

1.) Giant Marks and Wild Animals (You must sketch Animals that appear randomly throughout the day.)

The Following:

  • Sketch a Giant Short Horned Gnu
  • Sketch a Giant Long Horned Gnu
  • Sketch a Gold-tailed Mongoose
  • Sketch a Head Hyena
  • Sketch a Wolf-striped Desert Spider
  • Sketch a Gold Kiwi
  • Sketch a Giant Gold Forest Mushroom Spider
  • Sketch a Gold Forest Lizard

2.) The Secret of The Sandworm Mark (Hunt a Giant Sandworm)

3.) Maize Ruin's Erg (You must complete the Glowing Stone Gargoyle Statue Relic)

After you complete one of these Quests talk to Alexina,

You will obtain the Quest Infiltrate Vales deliver the Irinid's Writing's to Taunes

Tips: Infiltrating Vales is very easy for most, I suggest you use Hide alot....Mabinogi Wiki says the Giant Guards cannot knock you out of Stomp...That is a confirmed lie. Have friends to help if you want. The Hurl Rocks action is useful for your friends to distract the Giant Guards away from you. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PVP OFF, Pvp just makes it harder....On top of the Guards.

Complete the Quest and then you will get the Castanea's Warning Quest.

She will then lock you in Longa and Hagel will help you escape to Qilla Base Camp

Complete the Quest and then talk to Alexina to get the Quest Ancient Irinid and Elf

Get a L-Rod if you don't already have one and go to any of the Landmarks.

The Medals are hidden in the Ground only inside the drawing.

You will most likely find Medals from other landmarks in that one keep searching till you have all Rano or Connous. Once you have all the Medals from Rano/Connous then go to the other land and search all of them there.

Once you have all 15 read the book and Receive Reward,

Then BAM you have Falcon :D,

You have Falcon for 5 real mins/ 3 Hours in game time.

The more Rebirths you have the longer the Transformation lasts.

The transformation will be used for all of that day *In Game Time*

The Beast Refills at 6:00am Every game day.

Most players if you didnt use beast mode yet use it right before 6:00am so they receive a new one and be able to use that one.

Sorry if it's confusing.. Hope this helped :O took a while to type lolz

Welcome ^^; Byez

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Q: How do you become a falcon elf in mabinogi?
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How do you become falcon elf on mabinogi?

In Mabinogi, becoming a Falcon Elf involves completing the Falcon Training quest given by Lelach in Filia Village. This quest line will guide you through the process of obtaining the Falcon Transformation skill, which allows you to transform into a Falcon Elf at will. It's important to follow the quest steps and meet the requirements to unlock this transformation.

How do you become a falcon on mabinogi?

First you must tame a falcon with the Taming stick and Taming bait and then go back to the character selection and choose to be the falcon.

Mabinogi can you transform in it?

Yes, in NA Mabinogi, the transformations available are the following, Savage Beast, Falcon, Paladin, and Dark Knight. You can only transform into a Savage Beast if you are a Giant, Dark Knight and Paladin is one of the choices that you have when you are a human(you can't choose both) and Falcon when you are a Elf. In G10 you can transform into a Demi-God.

Do you have to use a L-rod to find the lost elf on mabinogi?

Yes, you can most likely find them in the Desert near Fillia.

What is the average level that people in mabinogi get falcon mode?

I'm not quite sure but most people i have seen in the mabinogi world with falcon mode are leveled 100+ I'm not quite sure what level they originally got it from but the lowest level I've ever seen with it would be around 50. hope this helps :D

How do you become a paddlin in mabinogi?

You need to finish generation 2

How do you become pally on mabinogi?

You have to finish the Generation 2 Mainstream Scenario

Mabinogi how to be a paladin?

To become a Paladin in the beloved Mabinogi you must finish the Generation 2 Mainstream quests. -Edit- Also, you have to be a human. Giants and Elves have different transformations.

What is the definition of Mabinogi?

Mabinogi can be simply translated as "The Song of Bards" or Bards can be known as Mabinogi.

Mabinogi how to get to vale from the elf place?

Basically, you need to get a ride from someone. I'm sure you could walk/fly, but it's a long trip and you might need to build bridges.

How you get mirage shoot in mabinogi?

Mirage Missile?If you keep on doing the quests for an Elf, you eventually will get it, along with Final Shot.EditI forgot to include this. I'm pretty sure you have to talk to Castanea about skills to get it.

What is ELF stand for and do you become exposed?

elf stands for excited little foresters you become one by being bitten by another elf you may experience urges to make toys or fire a bow elf is a serious condition