How do you beat vday sim date?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well you gotta get a girl.The girl with the pink hair - conversation:all are the middle 1; the challenge : give her clothing at first with clothes that are NOT revealing and when the trust meter goes up try some that are more revealing;the trust meter builds up when she tries new clothes.The girl with brown hair - conversation : 1.middle; one; 3.middle; Challenge : just protect both sides and attack just with 1 arm;when he charges an arm that means he is going to try and hit you with that same arm.The girl with yellow hair - Conver. : top one; Challenge : cant help you that much here but you have to aim in the middle on the meter and score 12 shots; if you get 10 misses you will loose the girl. Hope I helped :D

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Q: How do you beat vday sim date?
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you can't you just have to get the other ones

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Beat lvl 3 in the fighting contest ;) sry for bad English if :D

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