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which puzzle there are many of them

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Q: How do you beat the puzzle on spectrobes origins?
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Can the 'Spectrobes' die in 'Spectrobes Origins'?

No, it is impossible for spectrobes to die in Spectrobes Origins or any other Spectrobes game

In spectrobes origins do the spectrobes have different genders?


How do you use 2 spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

You cant.

In spectrobes origins will child spectrobes evolve on their own?


Are there dark spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

Actually no! You only get regular spectrobes in Gen. 3.

How do you get Evolved Form Spectrobes on Spectrobes Origins?

you evolve it with an evolve mineral

Is spectrobes origins a good game?

Yes it is.

How do you trade spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

I'm very sorry but you're wrong..... You can't trade spectrobes I have all 3 of em and you can't.....

Where do you find a tekkapod in spectrobes origins?

in bahmud's ruins

Where do you get Hiko on Spectrobes Origins?

Bahumud and Aincient Village

Why spectrobes origins cheat is not working?

its saw your face

Where is the legendary flying spectrobe on spectrobes origins?

you get it in desert area