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Go to the room that has two moving platforms and one in the middle that can't move. Then go to the right door find the room with Frankenstein. Then go down rapidly press up then it's the boss. Go up to the place with guys shooting arrows and stay there and the boss is defeated.

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Q: How do you beat the last level of transylmania 2?
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What is the password that brings you to the last level in transylmania 2?


How do you get past the last level in transylmania 2?

I just hasn't been finished yet. But it will come out soon.

How do you beat patapon 2 for the psp?

You beat every level until you beat the last level.

How do you beat the last level of plazma burst 2?

You dont.

How do you beat the last level in Reverb 2?

You just beat the thingamahjig and whabam! Congratulations assembly is complete!

Is transylmania 3 game real?

YES!!! my friend and i are obsessed with it and we love it. go onto for the first on but the best transylmania game is transylmania 2 on ITS THE BEST!!! <3

On epic war 2 how do you unlock the special characters?

beat the last level

What is the code for the last level on transylmania 2?

level 2:bat,vampire,teddy,teddy,skull level 3:bat,teddy,teddy,bat,bat level 4:skull,teddy,bat,teddy,vampire level 5:teddy,teddy,skull,skull,skull level 6: bat,vampire,vampire,skull,teddy level 7: vampire,skull,bat,vampire,skull and that's it the end is SO funny lol but the last level is hard

What is the code that brings you to the last level in transylmania 2?

Vampire, Skull, Bat, Vampire, Skull It is the 13th room (dosen't matter what order) you verse the bear at the bottom. Make the bear follow you and jump and get hit by the arrow shooters.

What happens in cosmic crush 2 after you beat the last level?

you end the game and credits start

What is the code for level 21 for orb 2?

The code is 51210. But this is the end screen. The last playable level is level 20 (code 19094 and hard to beat).

How do you getpas karoshi suicide salaryman level 2?

To beat level 2, the second to last level, just hit the "Return to Menu" button and you will die, beating the level. Hit the return to menu and you will die.