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You have to jump jump jump jump jump until your at the helicopter and then bust the rotors.

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Q: How do you beat the helicopter in thing thing 4?
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Is it possible to beat the helicopter game?


How do you get the helicopter on wimpy boardwalk?

You get a wimpy kid and beat him up and wait for the helicopter to show up

Can you beat the helicopter game?

No its impossible. it just goes on and on

How do you get the frisbee in wimpy board walk poptropica?

you have to beat all the games and give the jumbo prize to the kid with the helicopter and use the helicopter

What is the best fighter helicopter?

There is no actual fighter helicopter. The closest thing is attack helicopters such as Apache.

What is the thing that helicopter land on?

That is the landing pad

Is helicopter a noun?

Yes, the word 'helicopter' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a type of aircraft, a thing. The word helicopter is also a verb; to travel or transport by helicopter.

How many helicopter tours are in Grand Theft Auto 4?

There are 5 helicopter tours in GTA 4. There is only 1 helicopter tour place in GTA 4 so all 5 helicopter tours are there. It is located at the bottom right of Algonquin.

How do you get ending A in Dead Rising?

You have to beat the game with finishing the cases and escape on the helicopter.

What is the thing that spins at the top of a helicopter?

The thing that spins at the top of a helicopter is called the rotor blade. It provides the lift necessary for the helicopter to take off and stay in flight. The rotor blades are attached to the main rotor mast and are powered by the engine.

How do you beat Grand Theft Auto 4?

you can beat gta 4 by completing all the missions or just use all the cheats to beat it the easy wayyour probably on the last level where there's a ramp where your stuck fly up the ramp and aim for the helicopter roman and little jacob is in it then they fly you to happiness island to kill faustin

What thing should you use to climb a mountain?

A helicopter