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Keep dodging him when he runs at you or Whisper. As soon as he starts getting ready to do his magic attack, run up and smack him in the eye continuously. He'll eventually go underground and spawn a handful of little scorpions. Easily killed. Eat, drink, do what you need. Rinse and repeat.

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Q: How do you beat the boss at the arena in fable?
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How do you beat chrome wars arena?

Beat The last boss: Chromus supremus.

How do you beat helper to hero?

i would say you should beat the last boss. i do not know him. i NEVER beat 13 bosses in the arena. it was tricky, that's why. your welcome!

Where is the arena in Fable 3?

right now the arena is unknown

How do you beat the arena in Kirby Superstar Ultra?

Get an ability (preferrably hammer) and beat up every boss! After winning once go back and earn a faster time!

Where is the arena in Fable the Lost Chapters?


Where in fable can you get the most experience?

definetly the arena

Where in Dragon Fable do you beat brick head?

To beat the boss Brick Head, you have to go to Warlic's zone and walk East, North, then East (from Nythera or Warlic). You have to go into the cave and complete it.

In Kirby super star ultra can someone give you a stratagey for THE ARENA?

THE ARENA? ARE YOU KIDDING?!!! My advice is to use Hammer. My friend beat the level with hammer OVER 30 TIMES!!!!!!! BTW (By The Way) Next level is The TRUE ARENA. 100% Harder than the arena. Final boss: Marx Soul.

How do you beat table top mountain off spectrobes?

Well...the boss' always have an attack pattern, so in order to beat him you'll need to figure it out. The Boss' Strategy: First it uses it's extending arm...then it spins clockwise around the arena (this happens twice) then it stops. this is when you attack.

In spore hero arena how do you beat spellunk?

beat the arena champion, rocky, in King of the Planet

How do you get to the arena in fable?

After going to Knothole Glade for the siege quest the chief nominates you to the Arena and then you just follow the pointy things

In the very first fable not TLC the one before you beat the game and waited till the end and got the Sword of Aeons now can you play the Arena again?

yes but only with the cheat accsessallareas