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Kill a monster and get it from it

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Q: How do you beat the addiction quest on oblivion?
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How do you find daedra hearts after you beat the main quest in oblivion?

look for a oblivion gate and kill deadra that is how you get the hearts you can clone them

How do you cancel a quest on oblivion?

You can't cancel a quest, you just dont do it.

What key-blade to use through out the game kingdom hearts recoded?

Well the oblivion is the best you get until you beat the game but if you don't have that then the hero's quest is the next best. You can get the ultima weapon but not until you beat the game

Is there a dragon quest in oblivion?

i dont think so

How can you found a dragon on oblivion PC?

There are no dragons in unmodded Oblivion, except for something right at the end of the main quest.

Will you get ban if you use quest loader to get oblivion blade of nulgath in aqw?


Where can you find some trolls in oblivion?

The quest A Brush with Death In Cheydinhal.

Is it possible to enter oblivion after defeating mehrunes dagon If yes how?

Defeating Mehrunes Dagon will close the Oblivion Gates, but you could still visit Oblivion afterwards if you do Peryite's daedric quest.

What level do you have do be to start Boethia's quest in Oblivion?

You need to be at least character level 20, before Boethiah will give you his quest.

How do you get the skeletonkey in oblivion?

You have to complete the quest for the daedric prince Nocturnal. You can get this quest by making an offering to the Shrine of Nocturnal and at the required level.

How do you get the quest for repairing the orrery on the game oblivion?

the orrery is a plug-in which means it has to be downloaded

How can you beat addiction?

I have known the agony of my brother's drug addiction, and found many helpful tips. Plz.... add if you have something new.