How do you beat the Causality game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The game is often misnamed "Casualty" for the deaths involved. The stickmen will all become victims of accidents in the 3 levels of this game.

*There is a narrated walkthrough of all levels at the related video link.


Level 1 - There are 7 guys to kill:

1) First, click the guy on the roof (left). He falls off.

2) Then the post on the right side of the roof. (falls and kills guy).

3) When one guy leaves to go up the elevator, click on the computer screen watched by the guy on the right. It will go off and he will go left and lean on the elevator button.

4) When the man who enters the elevator goes into the top room and starts to talk, click on his word balloon. He will drop his papers on the floor and leave.

5) When the guy returns from the 2nd floor, the other guy will fall into the elevator, Click the cable and it breaks and both fall to their deaths.

6) Click the light fixture to drop it on the two talking guys.

7) Click the picture frame in the guy's office. He will get up to adjust it, slip on the papers, and die.


Level 2 - There are 5 victims to kill.

1) First kill the guy in the sewer : click on the head of the guy on the toilet twice. This makes him poo. Click the guy in the sewer's helmet so it falls off. Click to flush the toilet. He dies when he falls on his hammer.

2) To kill the guy on the roof, the guy outside the toilet and the guy on the toilet : click the two cracks on the roof inside the toilet, and click to move the bottom brick under the takeoff board. When the guy on the roof runs, he falls short and falls on a spike. The guy on the ground gets hit by the brick and the roof collapses on the guy on the toilet.

3) To kill the guy on the bench, click his sandwich and he drops it and stands up. Then a hang glider flies overhead. Click on the glider and it will crash into the guy below, killing both.


Level 3 - There are 6 victims to kill.

1) As the sentry on the left side walks forward, click the searchlight at the right so he stumbles into the fuel barrels. When he goes back up the way he came, click the stack of barrels, which fall on him.

2) A Jeep drives up to the checkpoint. As it goes through, click the wire that leads to the raised bar, so that it falls on the headlights, and the jeep drives into the fuel barrel, exploding.

3) Two guys come out to see what is happening. Click the one on the right and he drops his gun. Then click the stack of crates next to the tower, which makes them think there is an attack. One throws a grenade that blasts the base of the tower, killing all three.

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Q: How do you beat the Causality game?
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