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by getting your pups to the summer den

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Q: How do you beat slough creek on wolfquest?
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How do you beat slough creek in wolfquest?

you halft to get your pups to the summer den

Is there a WolfQuest 2?

If you mean Slough Creek, yes (Slough Creek is an update.).

How do you mate on wolfquest slough creek?

you cant mate on slough creek. you have to mate on amethyst mountain which is the first episode or wolfquest. then you can use that file to go on slough creek. hope this helps :)

Were is the secret den in wolfquest?

The secret den known as Slough Creek den is between Slough Creek and Bison Peak den in the hills. Regards, Lunaressa WolfQuest

Where can you download wolfquest slough creek?

You can download WolfQuest from the WolfQuest website. Go to:

How do you download wolfquest slough creek?

its out now so just download wolfquest again and it will update it

Does anyone know when Wolfquest's Slough Creek will really be released?

this weekend

How do you play wolfquest 2 slough creek?

You must finish the first part of WolfQuest, Amethyst Mountain.

Is there more than one wolfquest game?

Yes! There is Wolfquest: Slough Creek. If you want both, you can get Wolfquest: Survival of the pack. You can have pups on it.

How do you reload a game at your den after you beat WolfQuest?

You have to restart on Athymest and redo it all to go and do Slough Creek again. I know! It's dumb but that's how it is.

Are there cheats to wolfquest?

There isn't any cheats yet but maybe in slough creek.

Is there a WolfQuest 1?

yes, it's called Amethyst Mountain and you have to complete it before you can play WolfQuest 2, Slough Creek