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go to you tube walkthroughs IDIOT *#@%$@&*!

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Q: How do you beat riddle school 5 tile box?
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Where is the riddle box on swampy isle on HI2?

there is no riddle box

When was Riddle Box created?

Riddle Box was created on 1995-10-10.

What is the beat box?

a beat box is

Where is the riddle box on Pitcher isle?

There none.

How many tile you need for 640 foot?

If the tiles are 12x12" you need 640 of them...if not, on the tile box it will tell you how many ft. you can do per box.

Are tivoli tiles a good tile?

Make sure your tile patterns and colors are correct when you pick out the boxes of Tivoli tile. We just opened the last box in our project and there is a factory error in the pattern. Of course, the tile is now discontinued, so we are stuck with a whole box of bad tile.

Where is the riddle box on savanna?

Close to the western corner

Where is the riddle box on narrowed?

In the northwest corner of the isle :)

Where is the riddle box on brown for horse isle 2?

There isn't a riddle box on every single Isle, but most have one... so there may not be one on Brown,but there might be...

How you can tell floor tile from wall tile if its not in a box?

Floor tile are always thicker and the clay the tile is made from on the back of the tile will be dark. I'm sure that's right but can't back it up with proof.

How do you beat the box? there is

How many tile in a box?

If 12x12 is 144... There would be 144 tiles in a box right?