How do you beat lvl 42 on boombot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i need help too

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Q: How do you beat lvl 42 on boombot?
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How do you beat lvl 48 on boombot?

You Beat Boom Bot LvL 48 By.................Looking on

How do you beat level 42 in boombot?

yes i did and then they gave me 10,000$ because i beat that level if you do that level and beat it you will be rich

Am i ready to face the elite 4 tauros lvl 42 misdreavus lvl 42 Meganium lvl 42 ampharos lvl 42 togetic lvl 42 Heracross lvl 42?

If I were you, I would get them all to level 45, although when I beat them mine were level 44.

How do you beat level 12 on boombot?

you need to be more specific on which boombot Boombot 1 boombot 2 or boombot 3

How do you beat boombot level 47?

save the tnt and explode boombot to the portal

How do you beat level 17 on boombot?

you cant because you cant beat level 14, remember im talking about the original boombot game

How can you beat Cynthia with a Infernafe lvl 61 A Giratina lvl55 a torterra lvl 42 staraptor lvl 43 Empoleon lvl 46 Lucario lvl40?

depends on the attacks

How do you beat level 16 on boombot?

When the boombot bounces back up at you, make a bomb that causes it to go twords the end portal.

What pokemon do the elite four have in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First you will battle:Will- Xatu lvl. 40, Jynx lvl. 41, Exegutor lvl. 41, Slowbro lvl. 41, another Xatu lvl. 42.Koga- Ariados lvl. 40, Venomoth lvl. 41, Forretress lvl. 43, Muk lvl. 42, Crobat lvl. 44.Bruno- Hitmontop lvl. 42, Hitmonlee lvl. 42, Hitmonchan lvl. 42, Onix lvl. 43, Machamp lvl. 46.Karen- Umbreon lvl. 42, Vileplumpe lvl. 42, Gengar lvl. 45, Murkrow lvl. 45, Houndoom lvl. 47Champion Lance- Gyardos lvl. 44, 2 Dragonites lvls. 49, Aerodactyl lvl. 48, Charizard lvl. 48, Dragonite lvl. 50.

How do you beat level 49 in boombot 2?

You get it through the portal :D

How do you beat level 36 on boombot?

all u do is nothing it is hard

What lvl does rhyhorn lvl in FireRed?

Level 42.