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Here is a walkthrough:

Move Giant Panda underneath the lowest platform.

Switch to Red Panda

Jump on TOP of Giant Panda and move up the platforms (2).

Climb the bamboo.

When I play I jump on top of the little block holding the Red Panda FLAG. Then, jump to the right onto the platform with the lever and switch the lever that activates the gate thing below.

Jump down and switch to Giant Panda.

Keep going right until you reach the place with the Samurais. Jump on them to kill them.

Keep going right until you reach the box. Move the box to the left until it is under the lowest WOODEN platform.

Jump on it.

Switch to Red Panda.

Go to the right until you reach Giant Panda sitting on the box.

Jump on the box and switch to Giant Panda.

Keep jumping up and kill the BLUE Samurai. Then, kill the RED Samurai (best when he is facing the opposite direction so he can't shoot you).

Go to the platform where you killed the BLUE Samurai and move to the right (STAY ON THE PLATFORM).

Switch to Red Panda.

Move to the left until you reach the bamboo. Climb it and jump to the right on the pagoda roof. Move to the right, jump on the platforms, pick up the key, go to where Giant Panda is, jump on him, jump to the right where the lever is, unlock the gate thing, switch the lever, jump down, go to the checkered place.

Switch to Giant Panda, jump down, go to the checkered place.

Hope I helped!

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Q: How do you beat level 7 in the game double panda?
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