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The vikings and the ice that trapped them have returned in an expansion on Nitrome's original physics-based puzzle game,

Ice Breaker: The Red Clan introduces lots of new obstacles to deal with strewn about an all-new set of levels. Vikings are trapped in the ice, walled-in by rock, or otherwise prevented from reaching the ship. Using your cursor as a cutting tool, it's your job to set them free. Manipulate each environment to provide a clear path from viking to ship and carve your way through 40 brand-new levels.

Here's what's on the roster for our rusty-haired vikings: ice blocks that rocket apart when you cut them, "grabby stones" that let you create hooks to other surfaces, fat ladies that need to be deflated, and fog that impedes your cutting ability. Oh, and ice. You'll have to deal with ice, too.

The levels in Red Clan are much more inventive than the original Ice Breaker. You can tell the team had more time to focus on design with a finished game mechanic ready to roll. Unfortunately some of these levels require precise solutions, and when you're cutting ropes on swinging boulders or slicing ice to knock over bulging fat ladies, precision isn't quite the name of the game. It encourages you to be inventive with your solutions, however, and I never got so frustrated I wanted to ragequit.

Same great ice-viking taste, now in strawberry flavor! Ice Breaker: The Red Clan is an excellent expansion of the already grand puzzle game

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Q: How do you beat level 3 on Ice Breaker Red Clan?
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