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first you put the upward left cannon in the right corner, so the oopas bounce 0ff the wall. you put the upright right cannon in the pile of chocolate and put the bridge over the two platforms so they shant miss.

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Q: How do you beat level 14 in crazy candy creation game?
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How do you beat level 3 on crazy candy creation?

go on trampolines use 2 stacked ladders to get on theplatform, use the cannon to get to the top secret room!

How do you beat crazy cube level 6?

how should i know

How do you beat level 13 in candy creation?

Put the fans on the beams until it makes it near the nerds. The spick on the stlagetine thing above the beam.Put the trampoline on the far right agenst the wall.The ompas do the rest

When was Crazy Beat created?

Beat Crazy was created in 1980-10.

How do you beat level 16 on crazy cube?

Send a picture of it, and I will send you a picture of the solved version back.

How do you beat level 4-5 in super Scribblenauts?

Give her a salad give him spicy chicken give the bear a candy

How do you get all the people in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast?

Kongs: Lanky Kong- Win the Topaz Cup with one of the Kongs. Tiny Kong- Win the Sapphire Cup with one of the Kongs. Funky Kong- Win the Diamond Cup with one of the Kongs. Cranky Kong- Beat him at level 3 in Candy's Challenges. Wrinkly Kong- Help her win at level 4 in Candy's Challenges. Super Donky Kong- Win all of Candy's Challenges. Kremlings: Kopter- Win the Topaz Cup with one of the Kremlings. Kalypso- Win the Sapphire Cup with one of the Kremlings. Kludge- Win the Diamond Cup with one of the Kremlings. Klump- Beat him at level 2 in Candy's challenges. King K. Rool- Beat him at Level 4 in Candy's challenges.

How do you complete level 215 in Candy Crush?

Was stuck in level 59 and searched for a walkthrough video online! I found a site that gathers walkthroughs for all candy crush levels and the walkthrough was pretty helpful! Now i am at level 132 and when i get stuck i search the site for the walkthrough

How do you beat level 6 on crazy cube?

In order to beat level six on the game Crazy Cube, first connect the blue square on top down and to the left to the other blue square. The bring the green down along the same path to the right of the blue, snaking all the way around the blue line until you reach the other green square.

How do you beat cut the rope level 14?

To beat the 14th level you cut the rope and don't pop the bubble. Let the rope catcher catch the candy in the bubble then pop it and you'll get into another bubble. Then cut it and Omnom will eat and you'll also get three stars!

How can you beat the elite 4 in soul silver?

if your friend has an action replay card get the 'rare candy' cheat and level your Pokemon up to level 100 or ask any of your frinds if they have level 100's and if you can borrow them for a little bit

How do you beat level 7-2 on super Scribblenauts?

Iron, Dancer, Metal Flower Steel, Princess, Metallic Ring Copper, Nurse, Electric Candy