How do you beat ernest the chicken?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You don't kill ernest the chicken if u need help, watch this link.

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Q: How do you beat ernest the chicken?
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How do you beat the ernest the chicken objective on runescape?

I don't know but if you go to Sal's Realm they'll give you a COMPLETE walkthrough on every quest. Hope that helped. -Ianlol2

How do you do the mission ernest the chicken the chicken in runescape?

I have posted a link below in the "Related Links"section, I .

How many quest points do you get for completing ernest the chicken on runescape?

For completing Ernest the Chicken, you get 4 Quest Points, 3000 gold pieces, 10 eggs and 300 feathers.

How do you beat a chicken in cheakers?

To beat a chicken in checkers, focus on controlling the center of the board and building a strong defensive position. Look for opportunities to make strategic moves that force the chicken into making blunders or losing its pieces. Play patiently and capitalize on any mistakes the chicken makes to gain the upper hand and secure victory.

How do you do ernest the chicken?

first you must find ernest in draynor manor. then eat him. then kill romeo who is in varrock square!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i have helped ;-)

Where do you find ernest the chicken in runescape quests?

The top floor of Draynor Manor.

Where is the fountain on ernest the chicken quest?

You can find it in the south-west corner of the manor grounds.

Where is the fish food for help ernest the chicken in runescape?

I think its in the kitchen on the ground floor

In rune scape how do you finish Ernest the Chicken?

Check the link below for a guide on how to complete the quest.

How do you get the stuff for ernest the chicken in runescape?

Check out Sals Realm of RS or the RS website for a guide.

How do you finish the ernest the chicken quest on runescape?

for all the help i need with runescape i go on

What levers do you pull to get the oil can in RuneScape?

Go to youtube and search runescape ernest the chicken oil can.