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I found a fun, and much faster, way! Don't click on the brown meeb until he gets knocked down. Then, let him get close to the center, where the moving lines meet. Click on him when he's by the entrance to one of the tubes. Speeds it up a lot!

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Q: How do you beat dances with meebs on meeblings 2?
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How do you beat level 24 on meeblings?

*Don't click on the pink meeb. ever in this round. 1.Click on the yellow meebling until every meeb. is near it. 2.Then click a blue meeb. until most of them are on the ground. 3.Then click on one of the yellow meebs that are still floating to pull all of the meebs to the exit (Be careful not to have meebs sucked up into the trap again). 4.Repeat until 9 meeblings are at the exit.

How do you beat meeblings 2 on level 28?

Play it to beat it (:

How do you beat meeblings 2 level 28?

hang out with your wang out

How do you beat level 9 in meeblings 2?

use you tube

How do you beat level 25 on meeblings 2?

You have to make sure that you get all of the meeblings out of the brown box. Then you have to use the red meebling to burn the hole to get to the safest and easiest exit. ~ Heather

How do you beat level 27 on Meeblings 2?

First, turn the mystery meebling into a red meebling and press it wait then press it again then you beat it

How do you beat level 19 on Meeblings 2?

Just keep holding in the SizzLing until he gets through to the way out.

How do you beat level 50 on meeblings 2?

First, you got to become gay. Then you find Brigham Zach Asay and kiss him

How do you pass level 29 on meeblings 2?

Beat it yourseeelf . Errr thiis game gets me soo friigggin agrrevaated !

How do you beat level 45 in meeblings 2?

You literally bounce the box. use the three meeblings that are already there and make the box land on them. if it lands just right, the box will bounce into the air and break over the wall of dirt.

Is there a meeblings 3?

not yet but they had just came out with a meeblings 2.

How do you beat meeblings 2 level 10?

first click the gray onethen the pinkthen the graythen pinkthen graythen pinkthen pink again