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Click on the sides of the chest then click the topand then the button appears out of the chest. :) good luck! I'm playing it right now!

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Q: How do you beat boss 2 in button hunt 3?
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How do you beat button hunt 2 boss encounter?

Quickly go through the moving block.

How do you beat concrete thinking on button hunt 2?

it is easy

How do you get past the boss encounter on the game button hunt 2?

you move the block then left click go to the button then unclick the left click click on the button

How do you do button hunt 2?


How do you pass button hunt 2?


How do you put at least one balloon on each of the bosses limbs on beat the boss 2?

In Beat the Boss 2, you will need to upgrade the balloons first. Next tap the boss repeatedly to place the balloons on him.

How do you beat level 2 boss in the first Legend of Zelda game?

The boss of level 2, the Moon dungeon, is a Dodongo, and to beat it, simply drop a bomb in front of it so it can swallow it. You have to do this twice in order to beat it.

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How do you Change language in beat the boss 2?

kiss chack

How do you get the ultralisk in runling run from Starcraft 2?

beat the mech boss

How do you get to worlds 4 and 7 on the Mario ds game?

for world 4 you beat the world 2 boss in mini, for world 7 you beat the world 5 boss in mini.